List of Recommendations: Intermediate Level 1

Approximately 50 recommended pieces which are relatively easy among the pieces of intermediary level.
They include pieces such as “Turkish March” by Mozart and “Nocturne Op. 9-2” by Chopin, which are quite popular for presentations and are recommended for intermediate learners of piano.

The pieces are listed in the order of the composers’ birth years.

Sonatine and sonatas of which the specific number of the movement is not indicated mean they include all.

Length of performance is just a rough idea.
Depending on whether there are repetitions or not, it may get long or short.

Click on the “VIDEO” to watch the video clip in YouTube.

Title Composer Video Time
Sonata d-moll K.1 L.366 D.Scarlatti VIDEO 2'30"
Sonata d-moll K.9 L.413 D.Scarlatti VIDEO 3'30"
The Harmonious Blacksmith Haendel VIDEO 3'30"
Sonate Nr.42 G-Dur Hob.XVI 27 Haydn VIDEO 11'00"
Sonate Nr.48 C-Dur Hob.XVI 35 Haydn VIDEO 10'00"
Sonate Nr.11 Mov.3 "Turkish March" a-moll K.331 Mozart VIDEO 3'30"
Fantasie d-moll K.397 Mozart VIDEO 6'00"
Rondo D-Dur K.485 Mozart VIDEO 7'30"
Sonate Nr.8 "Pathetique" Mov.2 op.13 Beethoven VIDEO 5'00"
Sonate Nr.8 "Pathetique" Mov.3 op.13 Beethoven VIDEO 5'00"
Sonate Nr.14 "Mondscheinsonate" Mov.1 op.27-2 Beethoven VIDEO 5'30"
Sonate Nr.19 g-moll op.49-1 Beethoven VIDEO 8'00"
Sonate Nr.20 G-Dur op.49-2 Beethoven VIDEO 8'00"
Rondo C-Dur op.51-1 Beethoven VIDEO 6'00"
Sonate Nr.25 G-Dur op.79 Beethoven VIDEO 6'30"
Moments musicaux D 780 op.94-3 Schubert VIDEO 2'00"
Sweet Remembrance(Lieder ohne Worte Heft 1)E-Dur op.19-1 Mendelssohn VIDEO 3'30"
Jagerlied(Lieder ohne Worte Heft 1)A-Dur op.19-3 Mendelssohn VIDEO 2'30"
The poet's harp(Lieder ohne Worte Heft 3)E-Dur op.38-3 Mendelssohn VIDEO 2'30"
Duetto(Lieder ohne Worte Heft 3)As-Dur op.38-6 Mendelssohn VIDEO 4'30"
The fleecy cloud(Lieder ohne Worte Heft 4)Es-Dur op.53-2 Mendelssohn VIDEO 3'00"
Frühlingslied(Lieder ohne Worte Heft 5)A-Dur op.62-6 Mendelssohn VIDEO 3'00"
Spinnerlied(Lieder ohne Worte Heft 6)C-Dur op.67-4 Mendelssohn VIDEO 2'00"
Grande valse brillante Es-Dur op.18  Chopin VIDEO 5'30"
Nocturne Es-Dur op.9-2 Chopin VIDEO 4'30"
Nocturne(Lento con gran espressione)cis-moll Chopin VIDEO 4'00"
Valse No.6 "Petit chien" Des-Dur op.64-1 Chopin VIDEO 1'30"
Valse No.7 cis-moll op.64-2 Chopin VIDEO 4'30"
Valse No.9 "L'adieu" As-Dur op.69-1 Chopin VIDEO 4'00"
Valse No.14 e-moll Chopin VIDEO 3'00"
Raindrop(24 Preludes)Des-Dur op.28-15 Chopin VIDEO 5'00"
Mazurka B-Dur op.7-1 Chopin VIDEO 2'30"
Traumerai(Kinderszenen)op.15-7 Schumann VIDEO 2'30"
Intermezzo (Faschingsschwank aus Wien op.26) Schumann VIDEO 2'30"
Troika en traineaux(Les saisons) Tchaikovsky VIDEO 3'00"
Asturias(Suite española 1)op.47-5 Albeniz VIDEO 5'00"
Sommerfugl(Lyriske smastykker 3)op.43-1 Grieg VIDEO 2'00"
Anitras Dans(Peer Gynt Suite 1)op.46-3 Grieg VIDEO 3'30"
Til foraret(Lyriske smastykker 3)op.43-6 Grieg VIDEO 4'30"
Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum(Children's corner) Debussy VIDEO 3'00"
Golliwog's cakewalk(Children's corner) Debussy VIDEO 3'30"
Prélude(Suite Bergamasque) Debussy VIDEO 6'30"
The fir(5 Pieces)op.75-5 Sibelius VIDEO 3'30"
Danza ritual del fuego Falla VIDEO 4'00"
Fantasy "Sakura Sakura" Hirai, Kozaburo VIDEO 3'30"
Valse Etude(Album for chirdren) Gillock VIDEO 3'30"