List of Recommendations: Advanced Level 1

Approximately 80 pieces which are of the same level as the pieces you will be asked to play when taking the entrance exam to a piano department in a Japanese college of music. Also included are many recommended Sonatas and piano solos played by pianists with advanced techniques and ability to express. Piano solos are sometimes combined with the “core” pieces in joint recitals and solo recitals, where a person performs for 45 min. to 90 min. all by him/herself.

The pieces are listed in the order of the composers’ birth years.

Sonatine and sonatas of which the specific number of the movement is not indicated mean they include all.

Length of performance is just a rough idea.
Depending on whether there are repetitions or not, it may get long or short.

Click on the “VIDEO” to watch the video clip in YouTube.

Title Composer Video Time
Partiten Nr.1 B-Dur BWV 825 J.S.Bach VIDEO 17'00"
Italienisches Konzert BWV 971 J.S.Bach VIDEO 12'00"
Sonate Nr.60 C-Dur Hob.XVI 50 Haydn VIDEO 17'00"
Andante con variazioni f-moll Hob.XVII 6  Haydn VIDEO 16'00"
Variationen über ein Menuett von Duport D-Dur K.573 Mozart VIDEO 10'00"
Sonate Nr.10 C-Dur K.330 Mozart VIDEO 20'00"
Sonate Nr.13 B-Dur K.333 Mozart VIDEO 17'30"
Sonate Nr.14 "Mondscheinsonate" cis-moll op.27-2 Beethoven VIDEO 17'30"
Sonate Nr.16 G-Dur op.31-1 Beethoven VIDEO 23'00"
Sonate Nr.17 "Tempest" d-moll op.31-2 Beethoven VIDEO 25'30"
Sonate Nr.18 Es-Dur op.31-3 Beethoven VIDEO 23'00"
Sonate Nr.24 "Therese" Fis-Dur op.78 Beethoven VIDEO 10'00"
Sonate Nr.27 e-moll op.90 Beethoven VIDEO 13'30"
Sonate Nr.13 A-Dur op.120 D 664 Schubert VIDEO 20'00"
Fantasie(Sonate écossaise)op.28 Mendelssohn VIDEO 15'00"
Präludium und Fügen (6 Präludium und Fügen) No.1 op.35-1 Mendelssohn VIDEO 8'00"
Präludium und Fügen (6 Präludium und Fügen) No.5 op.35-5 Mendelssohn VIDEO 7'00"
Rondo op.1 Chopin VIDEO 8'00"
Scherzo No.3 cis-moll op.39 Chopin VIDEO 8'00"
Ballade No.2 F-Dur op.38 Chopin VIDEO 7'30"
Ballade No.3 As-Dur op.47 Chopin VIDEO 7'00"
Nocturne No.8 Des-Dur op.27-2 Chopin VIDEO 5'00"
Nocturne No.13 c-moll op.48-1 Chopin VIDEO 6'00"
Berceuse op.57 Chopin VIDEO 4'00"
Plonaise op.71-1 Chopin VIDEO 6'00"
Plonaise op.71-2 Chopin VIDEO 9'30"
Variations brillantes B-Dur op.12 Chopin VIDEO 8'00"
Etude c-moll op.10-12 Chopin VIDEO 3'00"
Etude e-moll op.25-5 Chopin VIDEO 3'30"
Etude Des-Dur op.25-8 Chopin VIDEO 1'30"
Etude Ges-Dur op.25-9 Chopin VIDEO 1'30"
4 Mazurkas op.24 Chopin VIDEO 12'00"
4 Mazurkas op.30 Chopin VIDEO 10'00"
Faschingsschwank aus Wien op.26 Schumann VIDEO 21'00"
Novelletten op.21-8 Schumann VIDEO 11'00"
Sonate Nr.2 g-moll op.22 Schumann VIDEO 17'30"
Il lamento(Trois études de concert) Liszt VIDEO 11'00"
La leggerezza(Trois études de concert) Liszt VIDEO 5'00"
Un sospiro(Trois études de concert) Liszt VIDEO 6'00"
Waldesrauschen(2 Konzertetuden) Liszt VIDEO 4'30"
Gnomenreigen(2 Konzertetuden) Liszt VIDEO 3'30"
Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr.8 fis-moll Liszt VIDEO 6'00"
Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr.11 a-moll Liszt VIDEO 7'00"
Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr.13 a-moll Liszt VIDEO 8'00"
La campanella(Grandes études de Paganini) Liszt VIDEO 5'00"
Légendes 1. "St.Françios d'Assise, la prédication aux oiseaux" Liszt VIDEO 8'30"
Légendes 2. "St.Françios de Paule marchant sur les flots" Liszt VIDEO 8'00"
Les jeux d'eaux a la Villa d'Este(Annees de pelerinage Troisieme annee) Liszt VIDEO 8'30"
Au bord d'une source(Annees de pelerinage Premiere annee Suisse) Liszt VIDEO 4'00"
Sonetto 104 del Petrarca(Annees de pelerinage Deuxieme annee Italie) Liszt VIDEO 5'30"
Etudes d'exécution transcendante Nr.10 f-moll Liszt VIDEO 5'00"
Valse-Impromptu Liszt VIDEO 5'30"
Scherzo es-moll op.4 Brahms VIDEO 10'00"
Capriccio fis-moll op.76-1 Brahms VIDEO 6'00"
Capriccio h-moll op.76-2 Brahms VIDEO 3'30"
Rhapsodien h-moll op.79-1 Brahms VIDEO 8'00"
Ballade(6 Stücke)g-moll op.118-3 Brahms VIDEO 3'00"
Rhapsodien(4 Stücke) Es-Dur op.119-4 Brahms VIDEO 5'00"
Suite "Fra Holbergs Tid" op.40 Grieg VIDEO 22'00"
Nocturne No.1 es-moll op.33-1 Faure VIDEO 9'00"
Nocturne No.3 As-Dur op.33-3 Faure VIDEO 4'30"
Nocturne No.4. Es-Dur op.36 Faure VIDEO 6'30"
Nocturne No.5 B-Dur op.37 Faure VIDEO 7'30"
Valse-Caprice No.1 A-Dur op.30 Faure VIDEO 7'30"
Barcarolle No.6 Es-Dur op.70 Faure VIDEO 3'30"
Impromptu No.2 f-moll op.31 Faure VIDEO 3'30"
Caprice espagnole op.37 Moszkowski VIDEO 6'00"
Ballade Debussy VIDEO 6'30"
Toccata(Pour le piano) Debussy VIDEO 4'00"
Les collines d'Anacapri(Préludes 1) Debussy VIDEO 3'30"
Reflets dans l'eau(Images 1) Debussy VIDEO 5'00"
Mouvement(Images 1) Debussy VIDEO 4'00"
Nocturne Debussy VIDEO 6'30"
Allegro de concierto Ces-Dur Granados VIDEO 8'30"
Etude "Pathetic"(12 Etudes)dis-moll op.8-12 Skriabin VIDEO 2'30"
Prelude(Morceaux de fantaisie)cis-moll op.3-2 Rachmaninov VIDEO 4'30"
Prelude g-moll op.23-5 Rachmaninov VIDEO 4'30"
Polichinelle(Morceaux de fantaisie)op.3-4 Rachmaninov VIDEO 3'30"
Prelude gis-moll op.32-12 Rachmaninov VIDEO 3'00"
Valse(Morceaux de salon)op.10-2 Rachmaninov VIDEO 4'00"
Barcarolle(Morceaux de salon)op.10-3 Rachmaninov VIDEO 4'00"
Sonatine fis-moll Mov.3 Ravel VIDEO 4'00"
Suite op.14 Bartok VIDEO 8'30"
Visions fugitives op.22 Prokofiev VIDEO 19'00"