List of Recommendations: Advanced Level 3

Approximately 60 pieces which are of the same level as those played by students of Japanese college or graduate schools of music at the graduation or course completion recitals. These are Piano solos that are either “core” or of a similar kind, played by pianists with advanced techniques and ability to express for 45 min. to 90 min. at joint recitals and solo recitals. These excerpts from piano pieces (such as one single part from a Sonata) are often chosen for piano competitions and auditions. They are highly recommended for graduation or course completion exam as well. Etudes are not included.

The pieces are listed in the order of the composers’ birth years.

Sonatine and sonatas of which the specific number of the movement is not indicated mean they include all.

Length of performance is just a rough idea.
Depending on whether there are repetitions or not, it may get long or short.

Click on the “VIDEO” to watch the video clip in YouTube.

Title Composer Video Time
Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge d-moll BWV 903 J.S.Bach VIDEO 11'00"
Variationer Eroica Thema mit Fuge Beethoven VIDEO 20'00"
Sonate Nr.21 "Waldstein" C-Dur op.53 Beethoven VIDEO 26'00"
Sonate Nr.23 "Appassionata" f-moll op.57 Beethoven VIDEO 26'00"
Sonate Nr.32 c-moll op.111 Beethoven VIDEO 33'00"
Sonate Nr.14 a-moll op.143 D784 Schubert VIDEO 22'00"
Sonate Nr.18 G-Dur op.78 D894 Schubert VIDEO 40'00"
17 Variations sérieuses op.54 Mendelssohn VIDEO 11'00"
Ballade No.4 f-moll op.52 Chopin VIDEO 11'30"
Fantasie f-moll op.49 Chopin VIDEO 13'00"
Polonaise-Fantaisie As-Dur op.61 Chopin VIDEO 13'30"
Sonata No.2 b-moll op.35 Chopin VIDEO 27'00"
Barcarolle op.60 Chopin VIDEO 9'00"
Grande sonate pour le pianoforte Nr. 1 fis-moll op.11 Schumann VIDEO 32'00"
Grande sonate pour le pianoforte Nr. 3 f-moll op.14 Schumann VIDEO 28'00"
Fantasie C-Dur op.17 Schumann VIDEO 31'00"
Humoreske B-Dur op.20 Schumann VIDEO 26'00"
Tocccata C-Dur op.7 Schumann VIDEO 6'30"
Mephisto Walzer Nr.1 Liszt VIDEO 10'00"
Rhapsodie espagnole Liszt VIDEO 14'00"
Fantasie und Fuge über den Namen BACH Liszt VIDEO 12'00"
Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr.2 cis-moll Liszt VIDEO 10'00"
Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr.9 ”Pester Karneval” Es-Dur Liszt VIDEO 10'30"
Totentanz(Saint-Saens) Liszt VIDEO 10'30"
Apres une lecture du Dante(Annees de pelerinage Deuxieme annee Italie) Liszt VIDEO 17'00"
Etudes d'exécution transcendante Nr.4 "Mazeppa" Liszt VIDEO 8'00"
Prelude, Choral et Fugue Franck VIDEO 18'00"
Prelude, Aria et Final Franck VIDEO 28'00"
Sonate Nr.1 C-Dur op.1 Brahms VIDEO 27'00"
Sonate Nr.2 fis-moll op.2 Brahms VIDEO 24'00"
Ballade op.10 Brahms VIDEO 23'00"
Variationen und Fuge über ein Thema von Händel op.24 Brahms VIDEO 26'00"
Oriental Fantasy "Islamey" Balakirev VIDEO 8'00"
Ballade op.19 Faure VIDEO 11'00"
Theme et Variations op.73 Faure VIDEO 14'30"
Nocturne No.6 op.63 Faure VIDEO 9'30"
Estampes Debussy VIDEO 15'00"
Images 1 Debussy VIDEO 16'00"
Images 2 Debussy VIDEO 14'00"
Chaconne (= J.S.Bach) d-moll Busoni VIDEO 16'30"
Fantaisie op.28 Skriabin VIDEO 10'00"
Sonate No.2 gis-moll op.19 Skriabin VIDEO 11'00"
Sonate No.3 fis-moll op.23 Skriabin VIDEO 18'30"
Sonate No.4 Fis-Dur op.30 Skriabin VIDEO 8'00"
Sonate No.5 op.53 Skriabin VIDEO 11'30"
Sonate No.9 'Messe noire' op.68 Skriabin VIDEO 8'00"
Variations on a theme of Corelli op.42 Rachmaninov VIDEO 18'30"
Scarbo(Gaspard de la nuit) Ravel VIDEO 9'00"
Sonata tragica(Forgotten melodies 2)op.39-5 Medtner VIDEO 8'00"
Klaviersonate 1926 Bartok VIDEO 12'00"
9 Preludiow op.1 Szymanowski VIDEO 19'30"
Sonate op.1 Berg VIDEO 10'30"
Sonate No.2 d-moll op.14 Prokofiev VIDEO 18'00"
Toccata d-moll op.11 Prokofiev VIDEO 4'00"
Sonata No.3 B-Dur Hindemith VIDEO 18'00"
Theme varié As-Dur Poulenc VIDEO 12'00"
Sonata No.1 op.12 Shostakovitch VIDEO 12'00"
Sonata es-moll op.26 Barber VIDEO 19'00"
Danzas argentinas op.2 Ginastera VIDEO 8'00"