About Flowkey

Flowkey is a piano learning App developed by a German company which can be used by smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.

flowkey app screenshotThis is how it looks like.

You can choose your favorite from a selection of more than 1,500 pieces and practice playing it.

Not only that. You can also take lesson courses on basic piano/music theories in Flowkey.

Its functions are excellent too.

Especially its state-of-the-art technology which recognizes the sounds and tells you whether it is correct or not gives us the image of "digital piano lessons of the future".

Playing Some Popular Pieces with Flowkey

We tried playing some popular pieces by actually using Flowkey.

There are four different levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional.

If you are interested in practicing playing the piano with Flowkey, please refer to the following links to check the right level for you:

Pianey's Recommendations

We all want to practice with our favorite pieces.

But buying one sheet music after the other following our heart
will be quite costly...

With Flowkey, we can practice more than 1,500 pieces,
with new pieces contantly being added.

It is more economical than buyng a lot of sheet musics.

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