List of Recommendations: Advanced Level 4

Approximately 30 most difficult pieces played by professional pianists at concerts. These are the recommended, advanced level pieces which will be the core of the concerts. They require a lot of concentration as well as physical strength for they are long masterpieces.

The pieces are listed in the order of the composers’ birth years.

Sonatine and sonatas of which the specific number of the movement is not indicated mean they include all.

Length of performance is just a rough idea.
Depending on whether there are repetitions or not, it may get long or short.

Click on the “VIDEO” to watch the video clip in YouTube.

Title Composer Video Time
33 Veränderungen über einen Walzer von A.Diabelli op.120 Beethoven VIDEO 60'00"
Sonate Nr.29 "Hammerklavier" B-Dur op.106 Beethoven VIDEO 45'00"
Sonate Nr.21 B-Dur op.147 D960 Schubert VIDEO 37'00"
Fantaisie 'Wandererfantasie' op.15 Schubert VIDEO 22'00"
24 Preludes op.28 Chopin VIDEO 38'00"
Sonata No.3 h-moll op.58 Chopin VIDEO 27"00"
Carnaval op.9 Schumann VIDEO 30'00"
Etudes Symphoniques op.13 Schumann VIDEO 33'00"
Kreisleriana op.16 Schumann VIDEO 30'00"
Sonate h-moll Liszt VIDEO 30'00"
Variationen über ein Thema von Paganini op.35 Brahms VIDEO 21'00"
Sonate Nr.3 f-moll op.5 Brahms VIDEO 38'00"
Tableaux d'une exposition Mussorgsky VIDEO 30'00"
Sonata No.7 "Messe blanche"  op.64 Skriabin VIDEO 10'30"
Sonata No.2 b-moll op.36 Rachmaninov VIDEO 22'00"
Moments musicaux op.16 Rachmaninov VIDEO 30'00"
3 Klavierstücke op.11 Schönberg VIDEO 12'00"
Suite op.25 Schönberg VIDEO 16'00"
Gaspard de la nuit Ravel VIDEO 23'00"
Le tombeau de Couperin Ravel VIDEO 24'30"
Wariacje b-moll op.3 Szymanowski VIDEO 12'00"
Three movements from Petrouchka Stravinsky VIDEO 17'00"
Sonata No.6 A-Dur op.82 Prokofiev VIDEO 30'00"
Sonata No.7 B-Dur op.83 Prokofiev VIDEO 19'00"
Sonata No.8 B-Dur op.84 Prokofiev VIDEO 29'00"
Sonata No.1 "Der Main" A-Dur Hindemith VIDEO 28'00"
24 Preludes op.34 Shostakovitch VIDEO 31'00"
Vingt regards sur l'enfant Jésus Messian VIDEO 132'00"
Preludes Messian VIDEO 33'00"