List of Recommendations: Intermediate Level 3

Approximately 60 pieces which are recommended for learners who are able to play Beethoven’s early to middle period Sonatas.
These are actually what people aiming for Japanese college of music should be practicing before the entrance exam.
Popular for presentations as well as piano concerts of professional pianists.
Highly recommended for intermediate learners.

The pieces are listed in the order of the composers’ birth years.

Sonatine and sonatas of which the specific number of the movement is not indicated mean they include all.

Length of performance is just a rough idea.
Depending on whether there are repetitions or not, it may get long or short.

Click on the “VIDEO” to watch the video clip in YouTube.

Title Composer Video Time
Sonata D-Dur K.492 L.14 D.Scarlatti VIDEO 4'30"
Sonata B-Dur K.551 L.396 D.Scarlatti VIDEO 4'30"
Sonata E-Dur K.135 L.224 D.Scarlatti VIDEO 4'15"
Sonate Nr.31 As-Dur Hob.XVI 46 Haydn VIDEO 27'00"
Sonate Nr.33 c-moll Hob.XVI 20 Haydn VIDEO 23'00"
Sonate Nr.8 a-moll K.310 Mozart VIDEO 20'00"
Sonate Nr.9 D-Dur K.311 Mozart VIDEO 15'00"
Sonate Nr.14 c-moll K.457 Mozart VIDEO 20'00"
Fantasie c-moll K.475 Mozart VIDEO 12'00"
Rondo a capriccio "Die Wut über den verlornen Groschen" G-Dur op.129 Beethoven VIDEO 6'00"
7 Variationen über "God save the King" Beethoven VIDEO 8'30"
6 Variationen über ein eigenes Thema F-Dur op.34 Beethoven VIDEO 14'00"
Sonate Nr.2 A-Dur op.2-2 Beethoven VIDEO 22'30"
Sonate Nr.3 C-Dur op.2-3 Beethoven VIDEO 30'00"
Sonate Nr.4 Es-Dur op.7 Beethoven VIDEO 30'00"
Sonate Nr.7 D-Dur op.10-3 Beethoven VIDEO 28'30"
Sonate Nr.8 "Pathetique" c-moll op.13 Beethoven VIDEO 20'00"
Sonate Nr.11 B-Dur op.22 Beethoven VIDEO 27'00"
Sonate Nr.12 As-Dur op.26 Beethoven VIDEO 19'00"
Sonate Nr.13 "Sonata quasi una fantasia" Es-Dur op.27-1 Beethoven VIDEO 15'30"
Sonate Nr.15 "Pastorale" D-Dur op.28 Beethoven VIDEO 28'30"
Rondo brillante "Aufforderung zum Tanz" Des-Dur op.65 Weber VIDEO 7'30"
Impromptu Ges-Dur D899 op.90-3 Schubert VIDEO 7'00"
Impromptu f-moll D935 op.142-1 Schubert VIDEO 10'30"
Impromptu As-dur D935 op.142-2 Schubert VIDEO 6'00"
Impromptu B-dur D935 op.142-3 Schubert VIDEO 9'30"
Impromptu f-moll D935 op.142-4 Schubert VIDEO 7'30"
Rondo Capriccioso E-Dur op.14 Mendelssohn VIDEO 7'00"
Etude C-Dur op.10-1 Chopin VIDEO 2'00"
Etude Es-Dur op.10-3 Chopin VIDEO 4'00"
Etude cis-moll op.10-4 Chopin VIDEO 2'10"
Etude Ges-Dur op.10-5 Chopin VIDEO 1'50"
Etude F-Dur op.10-8 Chopin VIDEO 2'30"
Etude As-Dur op.25-1 Chopin VIDEO 2'30"
Etude "Ocean" c-moll op.25-12 Chopin VIDEO 3'00"
Impromptu No.2 fis-moll op.36 Chopin VIDEO 8'00"
Tarantella As-Dur op.43 Chopin VIDEO 4'00"
Nocturne No.5 Fis-Dur op.15-2 Chopin VIDEO 4'00"
Nocturne No.17 H-Dur op.62-1 Chopin VIDEO 7'00"
Valse brillante As-Dur op.34-1 Chopin VIDEO 5'30"
Valse No.5 As-Dur op.42 Chopin VIDEO 4'00"
Scherzo No.1 h-moll op.20 Chopin VIDEO 10'00"
Scherzo No.2 b-moll op.31 Chopin VIDEO 10'00"
Novelletten op.21-1 Schumann VIDEO 5'30"
Sonate Nr.2 Mov.1 g-moll op.22 Schumann VIDEO 6'00"
Abegg Variations F-Dur op.1 Schumann VIDEO 9'00"
Waldszenen op.82 Schumann VIDEO 19'00"
Papillons op.2 Schumann VIDEO 16'00"
Liebestraume No.3 As-Dur Liszt VIDEO 4'30"
Ungarische Rhapsodie No.5 e-moll Liszt VIDEO 9'00"
Theme and Variations(Grandes études de Paganini) Liszt VIDEO 6'00"
Widmung(=Schumann) Liszt VIDEO 4'00"
Rhapsodien g-moll op.79-2 Brahms VIDEO 7'00"
Intermezzo(6 Stücke)op.118-2 Brahms VIDEO 6'00"
Etincelles (sparks) op.36-6 Moszkowski VIDEO 6'00"
Prelude(Pour le piano) Debussy VIDEO 4'00"
Clair de lune(Suite Bergamasque) Debussy VIDEO 5'30"
Jardins sous la pluie(Estampes) Debussy VIDEO 4'00"
Pavane pour une infante défunte G-Dur Ravel VIDEO 7'00"
Allegro barbaro Bartok VIDEO 2'30"