About Four-Hand Piano Performances

A four-hand performance is type of piano duet involving two players playing the same piano simultaneously.
There are also six-hand performances played by three people too, but since four-hand performances are more general, I will explain four-hand performances on this page.
For pieces which are appealing to the audience, please refer to Recommended Pieces for Four-Hand Performances.

Genres for Four-Hand Performances

Some pieces are originally composed for four-hand performances, but many are arranged from orchestra, movie, or difficult solo pieces.
As for the latter, there may be several different versions. There is also a possibility for the sheet music to be out of print.

The Dynamism of Four-Hand Performances

Because you can cover a wider range of pitch by four hands, you can enjoy more dynamic and glamorous pieces.
You can experience the joy of creating one performance with another person too.

What Makes Four-Hand Performances Difficult?

Four-hand performances require different skills than solos such as aligning your breaths or considering the sonority balance.
I recommend you to look at your partner’s part in advance too because there are things you don’t realize if you practice your own part only.

Primo / Secondo

The person who plays the high notes is called “Primo” and the person who plays the low notes is called “Secondo”.
The Secondo part is often more difficult when the sheet music is for beginners because it is intended to be played by teachers, but there is really no difference in the level of difficulty between Primo and Secondo although the pedals are operated by the Secondo.

Important Mindset for Four-Hand Performances

In four-hand performances, 1+1 is not always 2. It can be 3 or 4, or even -1. If you think “no one can tell which one of us made the mistake”, the result will probably be -1.
What happens when you make a mistake?
Your partner will be upset, and start making mistakes himself/herself.
Through individual practice, joint practice, and discussions, you’ll be able to minimize the number of mistakes, as well as becoming generous to each other’s mistakes.
The joy of four-hand performances can be achieved when you are able to give the best performance both of you had pursued.


Four-hand performances allow you to enjoy dynamic and glamorous pieces of a wide range of pitch as well as to experience the joy of creating one performance with another person.
At the same time, it requires various techniques to balance between the sonority of both parts.
I hope you will practice a lot and open a new world through four-hand performances.

Popularity Raking

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Recommended Solo Pieces

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If you are not sure whether you are an elementary, intermediate, or an advanced learner, please refer to Elementary? Intermediate? Advanced? Piano levels should be measured by "Piano IQ" which explains the judgement criteria for piano skills.

Recommended Four-Hand Pieces

Here, you can find recommended four-hand pieces that are appealing to the audience. Please check out the list of our recommended pieces for elementary, intermediate, and advanced learners as well as performance videos and sheet music.About Four-Hand PerformancesGo to List of Recommendations

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